CompleteCase Review

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CompleteCase is an online legal platform that helps clients find and process the necessary paperwork for divorce. 

CompleteCase was founded in 2000 and is headquartered in Seattle, Washington. They target their services at individuals who are seeking an uncontested divorce and want to save time and money in the process. 

CompleteCase is available to clients in all 50 states and Canada. Services are available for a flat fee of $299 with an optional subscription available. 

Clients can use CompleteCase to get information about whether divorce is the right path, find the proper forms, and complete and submit them to the local court. An optional subscription is available for those who need continued support. 

Clients can use CompleteCase for uncontested divorces even if shared children, property, or debt is involved. 

Should You Use CompleteCase? 

CompleteCase can be a convenient option for clients seeking a quick, simple, and affordable uncontested divorce. Of course, no service can be perfect for everyone, and there are some factors to consider before working with CompleteCase: 


  • Straightforward interface and easy filing
  • Transparent pricing with optional subscription
  • Comprehensive help center
  • Guarantee of court approval


  • No access to individual attorneys
  • No assistance for contested divorces

In many cases, couples considering divorce believe that working with an attorney and going to court is the only option. However, divorce attorneys can often charge exorbitant rates, and attending divorce court can add even more costs for all parties involved. 

CompleteCase is a wonderful alternative to the typical in-court divorce process. Those with relatively simple uncontested divorce cases can find, fill out, and file the necessary documents quickly and more affordably than when working with an attorney. In some cases, clients will not have to attend court at all. 

CompleteCase can be used by nearly all clients seeking an uncontested divorce. Couples with shared debt, property, or children can still use CompleteCase and will find the necessary resources to handle their unique circumstances. 

How Does CompleteCase Work?

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To get started on CompleteCase, clients will fill out a quick questionnaire to determine if they qualify for an online divorce. Once the client determines their eligibility, they will be led to complete an online interview at their convenience. 

After the interview, the client will be provided with the appropriate forms and instructions on how to fill them out and file them. The client can then submit their documents to their local court system.

If there are any questions throughout the process, clients are encouraged to contact the customer service department. CompleteCase maintains a comprehensive FAQ section on their website for common concerns. Their phone helpline is available toll-free Monday through Friday from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. EST. CompleteCase also offers an online contact form; most submissions through this form will be addressed within 24 hours. 

Can You Speak to a Real Attorney at CompleteCase?

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CompleteCase keeps their services affordable because they do not employ or rely on attorneys to work individually with their clients. 

CompleteCase does not offer clients the option to work with an attorney one-on-one. The company is also unable to provide any legal advice. Currently, there are no attorney advertisements on the CompleteCase website, but this feature is in development. 

Most clients who turn to CompleteCase want to avoid working with an attorney if at all possible. Many cases of uncontested divorces do not require the assistance of an attorney. For those with extenuating circumstances or those seeking a contested divorce, CompleteCase may not be the right option.

What Does CompleteCase Cost? 

CompleteCase charges a flat fee of $299 for their services. This cost includes an online portal with all documents needed, child support calculations if applicable, detailed filing instructions, unlimited phone and email support, and more. 

There is also an optional subscription available for those seeking continued support. This subscription provides clients with unlimited document storage, continued service on the platform, and the ability to change information on their documents. Subscriptions are available for $24.99 per month.

CompleteCase offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee within the first 30 days of purchase. They guarantee that their documents will be accepted by the client’s local court system; if not, CompleteCase will make any requested changes at no charge or issue a refund to the client.


Some competitors of CompleteCase include 3StepDivorce, OneStopDivorce, DivorceWriter, and It’s Over Easy. Each platform has its own unique features that may appeal to individual clients, and clients are encouraged to do their own research before committing to a platform. 

For example, 3StepDivorce does not offer continued support or any type of subscription or membership. However, they do offer to mail one’s legal documents to their home at no extra charge.


To close, CompleteCase is a great choice for clients or couples seeking an uncontested divorce. Having shared debt, property, or children does not disqualify clients from using CompleteCase. This platform allows clients to save time and money when compared to working with a divorce attorney. The platform offers discreet, fast, and affordable services for those who want to avoid attorneys. 

For those simply seeking information about a potential divorce or getting started with the process, CompleteCase offers plenty of resources. The team behind the platform have more than 20 years of experience in helping clients through their uncontested divorces and provide reliable and simple documents that will help begin the process.