JustAnswer Review

JustAnswer Legal is an online legal platform offering local advice and connections with verified and experienced attorneys.

JustAnswer Legal is a subset of JustAnswer, which was founded in 2003 and is based out of California. JustAnswer as a whole connects users with doctors, veterinarians, mechanics, electronics technicians, and a wide range of other professionals. 

JustAnswer Legal is designed to connect users with knowledgeable attorneys and help them receive answers to their basic legal questions without spending a ton of money.

Through allowing users to submit simple legal questions, JustAnswer Legal connects users with attorneys who are experienced in the given field and provides personalized legal advice or information.

Users can join JustAnswer Legal (and the entire JustAnswer platform) under one of three different membership options. Memberships allow users to ask unlimited questions in any category and download the exclusive mobile app, among other benefits. 

Should You Use JustAnswer Legal?

JustAnswer Legal is a good option for those who have a specific legal question that they need answers to. For those who have not found their answer on more generalized legal advice platforms, JustAnswer Legal can provide a level of specification that others cannot. Still, no service is perfect, and there are pros and cons to consider.


  • The ability to ask specific questions
  • Thoroughly vetted experts
  • Answers available 24/7
  • Thousands of positive reviews on Google and TrustPilot
  • Answers in a matter of minutes


  • Follow-up questions are limited on some plans
  • Registering can be complicated; paying for a question doesn’t make you a member
  • Prices aren’t readily available

One of the main benefits of using JustAnswer Legal is the individualization. Typically, users would have to contact local lawyers for personalized legal advice, but JustAnswer Legal brings it right into the homes of users. 

JustAnswer Legal works with experienced attorneys who have been thoroughly reviewed and have gone through an 8-step verification process. On top of that, experts are available around the clock and provide initial answers within 30 minutes.  

Normally, JustAnswer Legal is best for simple legal needs and questions that need an individualized approach. Users can find legal advice on a wide range of topics, including divorce proceedings, accident law, tax law, eviction questions, and more. 

How Does JustAnswer Legal Work?

JustAnswer Legal works by allowing users to submit their legal questions and allow experienced attorneys to provide input and advice. Users can expect to receive an initial response within 30 minutes or less.
If there are any issues throughout the process, users can contact the JustAnswer Legal customer service team. There is a detailed FAQ section on the JustAnswer website with information about using the platform and the details of the membership options.
After a user receives an initial answer to their question, they are able to ask follow-up questions from their Expert. Users may also be able to speak with their Expert through phone or video calls or document preparation. 

Can You Speak to a Real Attorney at JustAnswer Legal?

JustAnswer Legal keeps costs low because they don't allow you to hire an attorney directly. Instead, they allow you to speak with an Expert to get answers to your specific questions and provide follow-up information from there.

You are able to use JustAnswer Legal to speak with the real attorney, but there may be limits to how many follow-up questions you can answer.

The number of extra questions you are allowed can depend on the membership plan you are subscribed to. Additionally, if you would like to connect with an attorney via phone or video call, you will need to be subscribed to one of the more expensive membership plans.

Normally, JustAnswer Legal ensures that you get an answer to your initial question within 30 minutes. It may take up to 24 hours on some occasions, depending on how busy the service is.

What Does JustAnswer Legal Cost?

Below is a guide to the benefits of the three membership options offered by JustAnswer Legal.

Your initial question will cost $0.10 to ask. All membership options offer a 7-day free trial. 

The costs of membership tend to vary based on promotions or links from which the user accesses the site. There is no standardized price guide listed on the website. It seems that the Basic Membership tends to cost around $50 per month. 

All membership plans allow you to receive answers in 30 minutes or less, download the exclusive app, and ask follow-up questions. The Plus and Premium membership options offer unlimited follow-up questions and access to experts in a wider range of fields than what the Basic option provides. 


Some competitors of JustAnswer Legal include Ask, Quora, and eHow. Each of these services offers slightly different benefits and disadvantages when compared to JustAnswer Legal. 

Quora and eHow, for instance, are similar to the broader JustAnswer platform in that they allow users to learn about a wide range of topics. Quora allows non-experts to answer questions and has a much lower membership cost for its premium platform, at just $5 per month. 


For those who have a specific legal question and can't or don't want to reach out to a local attorney, JustAnswer Legal can be an appealing alternative. 

The service seems to be much more affordable than a consultation with a local attorney, especially if the issue can be resolved in a short amount of time. Individuals can use JustAnswer Legal to determine whether they have a legal case, then move forward with the help of a local attorney.

Although JustAnswer Legal is not upfront about their pricing guide, they do claim to be significantly more affordable than in-person consultations.