Lawfirms Review is an online legal service offering a lawyer directory and legal information to users in all 50 states. is owned by Nolo, which was founded in 1971. Nolo owns more than 50 web properties offering top-quality legal information, as well as do-it-yourself products and a comprehensive lawyer directory. is designed to provide thorough legal information in a wide range of states and fields and offer a free place to start for those searching for an attorney. 

On, users can select their practice area and ZIP code and give some brief information about their case. Users provide their contact information and are provided with a list of local attorneys that may be helpful. 

Services provided by are free.

Users can find legal information on topics such as civil rights, estate planning, business law, disability law, accident law, bankruptcy and debt, and others.

Should You Use is an excellent option for those who are beginning their journey into hiring an attorney or would like some basic information about their case and its field. However, as with any service providing legal information, there are pros and cons to consider before users move forward.


  • Free service for users
  • Advice for users in all 50 states
  • Wide range of topics and thorough FAQs
  • Consistently updated blog with relevant topics


  • No paid membership option
  • Customer service can be hard to contact

For many users, the biggest advantage to is the fact that services are free. 

Many users searching for legal advice may just be beginning their case or starting research to determine whether they have a case at all. provides a wide range of information on a variety of topics, which is ideal for getting started without spending any money. also maintains a large lawyer directory to help users find a local expert for more information.

Often, is considered a starting point for those researching the legal system and the specifications of their case. It is important to note that does not work directly with any of the lawyers in their directory, nor do they provide legal services in and of themselves. 

How Does Work?

For users looking for attorneys, collects a bit of information before providing recommendations. This process of entering the practice area, ZIP code, and contact information typically takes no more than five minutes.

If there are any issues throughout the process, users can get in touch with the customer service team through Nolo, the parent company of Users should remember that does not provide legal advice. While they can assist users in connecting with lawyers, they do not specifically endorse any of the lawyers in their directory, nor do they facilitate client/attorney relationships.

After users have provided their information, will generate a list of local attorneys that specialize in the given practice area. Users can then select which attorneys they would like to be contacted by. 

Can You Speak to a Real Attorney at

Part of the reason why is able to provide its free services is the fact that this platform does not employ attorneys. They can connect users with independent attorneys but do not provide individualized legal advice. can provide users with a list of local attorneys, but there is no guarantee that these attorneys can handle each case that may be referred to them.

Once users provide their information through, users can then decide which attorneys they would like to speak with. It is then up to the attorneys in question to reach out to these potential clients. There is no option to work with an attorney directly through

Particularly in more rural areas, the number of attorneys available to assist with a certain type of case may be limited. does its best to provide the most relevant information possible, but the available information may be limited by location.

What Does Cost? offers all of its services completely free of charge. Users are welcome to browse the online lawyer directory, use the convenient “Find a Lawyer” feature, or browse the Legal Information sections without entering any payment information. 

For those who select a lawyer that they find on, rates will depend based on the specific attorney in question.

There is no option to upgrade to a paid membership through All services are available for free. 


Some competitors of include,, and Each of these platforms provides slightly different services and resources as compared to, so users should do their own research to see which platform is best for them.

For instance, offers a much smaller list of topics on which users can seek advice. allows users to post their cases right on the platform and connect with experienced attorneys in their area and also offers services to Canadian users. 


Overall, users who are just getting started in exploring their legal options will likely find that is a useful and cost-effective resource. 

Individuals facing a wide range of legal issues can find valuable information to determine whether their case may be successful. In addition to finding answers to their basic questions, users can also begin their search for a knowledgeable attorney in their area. 

Users can learn about a wide range of potential legal issues including criminal law, employment, accident law, bankruptcy, and more.