Nolo Review

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Nolo is an online legal service offering DIY products, attorneys, and articles surrounding various facets of the law. 

Nolo was founded in 1971 and maintains more than 50 web properties. The company is headquartered in Berkeley, California. Nolo began by publishing do-it-yourself legal guides but has since expanded its services to include online legal software and an expansive lawyer directory.

Clients in all 50 states can use Nolo, and prices may vary depending on the service or product.

Nolo offers products, attorney references, and articles on various common legal topics, including criminal law, divorce, estate planning, personal injury, small business, workers’ compensation, and more. No subscriptions or memberships are available. 

Should You Use Nolo?

Nolo can be a great resource for those looking for affordable legal advice or DIY products for common legal needs. Of course, no platform is perfect, and there are some pros and cons to consider before using this service: 


  • Extensive catalog of free articles
  • Easy-to-use lawyer directory
  • Simple and understandable books and software
  • Wide range of legal topics covered


  • Limited access to customer support
  • No guarantee of working with an attorney

Often, when faced with a legal issue, individuals may seek out advice online or DIY products to avoid having to work with an attorney or, at the very least, save on some attorney costs by handling some needs themselves. 

Nolo allows clients to research many of the most common legal topics without having to consult an attorney. Individuals can get a better understanding of their situation and determine whether or not they actually need an attorney. If so, Nolo’s attorney directory may be helpful. If not, Nolo’s DIY products may be a more affordable alternative. 

Nolo focuses on translating the law into layman’s terms, so no client will be confused about the information they seek. All articles and products are designed to be as helpful and user-friendly as possible, meaning that anyone seeking legal help can feel confident using this platform.

How Does Nolo Work? 

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To begin on Nolo, clients can search for their specific legal issue and will be presented with appropriate DIY products and articles on the matter, as well as attorneys who specialize in that field. If the user knows they want a specific result (only articles, for instance), they can tailor their search to fit their needs. 

Users can then browse articles, purchase DIY products or eBooks, or request a consultation with an attorney. Prices may vary depending on the product, but costs are always transparent and do not include any subscription fees. 

If users ever have any questions about the Nolo platform, they can reach out to the customer support team. Nolo’s customer service department can be reached by phone Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. PST. Nolo’s technical support department can be reached by phone Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. PST.

Can You Speak to a Real Attorney at Nolo? 

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For many users, one of the most appealing features of the Nolo platform is the extensive lawyer directory.

While Nolo does not employ any lawyers and cannot offer individualized attorney services, they do allow clients to search for an attorney and request a consultation through the platform.

Ultimately, it is between the client and the attorney to determine whether services should be rendered. Any costs will be determined by the attorney. Nolo does not charge users for accessing the lawyer directory, nor can they guarantee that an attorney will take your case. 

What Does Nolo Cost? 

As mentioned, the cost of using the Nolo platform may vary depending on the product or service. Browsing the articles on the website or accessing the lawyer directory are free features. 

Many of the eBooks available on the platform cost approximately $30 each and can be instantly downloaded upon purchase. The legal forms offered by Nolo start at $19.99, but most forms cost closer to $30. Some legal forms come in “bundles,” including multiple common forms for one combined price. Software prices vary more vastly; customers are encouraged to do their own research on Nolo depending on their needs. 

Nolo does not offer any subscriptions or membership packages. Since their services are so varied, most customers find it simplest to purchase the necessary products or services as needed. 


Some competitors of Nolo include LegalZoom, FindLaw, and Advicenow. Of course, each platform offers slightly different products and services, meaning that one platform may be a better fit than another, depending on the individual.

For instance, LegalZoom offers a more extensive catalog of resources for business formation and intellectual property. However, customers have to pay a hefty fee to access attorneys through this platform. 


All in all, Nolo can be a great resource for virtually any individual facing a legal issue. The platform offers tons of free articles for those doing initial research, as well as DIY products and access to an attorney database for those who need more extensive help. Clients who want to avoid working with an attorney or those who simply want more information about their situation will find Nolo helpful.

Those with simple legal needs will likely find many answers within Nolo’s articles. For those with more complex situations, attorneys are easy to contact through the platform. Additionally, products and services are quite affordable, making legal help accessible to nearly all parties.